Nevada DMV Registration & Title Services may require one or more of the forms listed below.   The forms listed on this site have been placed here specifically for ASAP Services and DMV ASAP customers only. Certain forms are not available online  such as 30-day Moving Permits, handicapped placards, and disabled veterans plates. Please contact one of our representatives if you are not sure what forms are needed prior to arrival. A representative can also send the correct forms by email if you are unable to download the forms using the links below. Nev DMV Forms 2022

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VP222 Nevada Registration form: (REQUIRED)

VP012 Nevada Duplicate Title form: MUST BE NOTARIZED

VP265 Expedited Title Application

ADM205 NV DMV credit card form

VP104 Bill Of Sale Form

VP206 Nevada LOST Title form: Must be notarized

Power of Attorney: Must be notarized


VP013 Application for Duplicate Registration

VP193 DMV Transmittal

SP66 Special & Personal Plate Application and Fee’s:

Proof of Insurance now Required

VP 15 VIN Inspection

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VP212 Attempt to Contact

VP198 Affidavit of Nonresidency

VP 222 is a form used to register vehicles in Nevada.This application cannot be used for moving permits or application for title.


VP 12 can be used to apply for a duplicate title. If a title is lost, stolen, or mutilated this is the form you need.  An original notarized authorization letter is required whenever a title is mailed to someone other than a licensed Nevada dealer or the legal/registered owner.


If expedited title services are needed a VP 265 should be included with the duplicate title application.


Credit card payments are accepted by the Nevada DMV using an ADM 205 form.  

Sometimes registration cards which can be replaced using a Nevada DMV VP 13


Any vehicle with an out of state title that has never been plated in Nevada requires a VIN inspection. Vin inspections are completed using a NV DMV VP15


Ordering personalized plates? Once the plate choice is validated online a SP 66 is the next step. 


Proof of Nevada Insurance is required at all times. NV insurance must be active prior to registering a vehicle


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The Nevada DMV requires original forms with wet signatures for all transactions. Certain transactions may require notarization, death certificates, probate/trust paperwork or additional documentation not listed here.  The NV DMV does not have an application or form for titles. 

ASAP Services provides speedy Nevada DMV Services located Las Vegas Nevada 2miles South of the IKEA. No Nevada DMV Appointment required for services which are available M-F 8:30AM to 4:30PM. Mobile services are available for an additional fee. 

DMV Nevada Forms

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