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Registering a car or transferring a title can be a time consuming and confusing process, especially if you are from out of state. Most importantly, there is additional documentation or information required. For instance if all of the paperwork isn’t presented the first time a second or even third trip to the DMV could be required.


Save yourself the hassle and let us put our 10+ years of experience in the DMV Services business to work for you.  Whether it’s 1 vehicle or 100 consider it done.



Give us a call if you are looking for an alternative to visiting the Las Vegas DMV or any Nevada DMV.   A full range of DMV services from moving permits to company fleet registration and titling.
No appointment needed to handle any of your Nevada DMV Services needs from your #1 DMV service provider.


But what if I am not able to find a Las Vegas DMV near me? Currently, the Nevada DMV no longer accepts walk in customers M-F. In order to receive service at a Las Vegas DMV or any major Nevada DMV location a DMV appointment will be required. ASAP Services does not require an appointment for any of your DMV Services needs. 


We Offer Service For These Vehicles

ASAP DMV Services is authorized to perform a variety of DMV related transactions for:





Boats & More



Renew your

Replace Lost/Stolen Titles, Tags, Plate

702-368-2727 Registration Expired…Suspended Plates..Out of State Purchase..Lost Title.. Insurance Lapse…No Problem… 702-368-2727

Frequently Asked Questions

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ASAP Services saves you time and money by handling your Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles transactions on your behalf. Even if you are currently standing in line at any DMV Las Vegas location, we can help!


ASAP DMV Services provide an alternative to visiting the Nevada DMV.  Since ASAP DMV Services is a 3rd party service provider a service fee will be collected for each service performed.  Currently, mydmvnv is by appointment only which could take up to 90 days. However, we understand making an appointment doesn’t always work when DMV services are needed.


You can come into our offices Monday-Friday from 8:30AM to 4:30PM without an appointment. Most importantly, It is recommended that you call in advance to discuss your situation.  ASAP Services is located in southwest Las Vegas close to the IKEA on Durango and Warm Springs. 


  • Fleet Services Las Vegas
  • Registration renewals in and out of state
  • Classic plates
  • Custom license plates
  • Replacement registration card & registration stickers
  • Corporate, dealership, and 3rd party service support
  • Title rejection support
  • 30-Day temporary moving permits
  • Las Vegas Notary Public services
  • Title Transfers
  • Probate, Trusts, Divorce Decree Title Transfers
  • Military DMV Services
  • Handicapped placard pickups and applications
  • Tax exempt registrations 
  • Correcting Insurance lapses fines
  • Registration reinstatements
  • Plate Surrenders
  • My Dmv Nevada
Las Vegas DMV
ASAP DMV Services can help you avoid the frustration.

One very important piece of documentation you will need when using a Las Vegas based DMV Services provider is proof of Nevada Insurance. All Nevada DMV locations have a hard requirement that any vehicle registered in Nevada must have Nevada based insurance.  




As a DMV Services provider we have direct access to the Durango DMV, Sahara DMV, Reno DMV, Henderson DMV, Decatur DMV, DMV Las Vegas, and Carson City. Why go to the DMV if you don’t have to?


Out of state auto registration and title services information

Welcome to Nevada! Each state has different policies when it comes auto registration and title fees. Nevada DMV title fees are relatively inexpensive in comparison. 


On the other hand auto registration fees are on the high end. The Nevada DMV provides an estimator that will give you an idea of what auto registration fees need to be paid.



3rd party DMV Services fees are in addition to what the actual auto registration fees for your vehicle.   When coming from out of state you will need a VIN inspection, SMOG check, Title or finance contract. Requirements for certain situations, states, and vehicles may need additional paperwork.  We always recommend you call 702-368-2727 before starting your out of state auto registration. 

We make paying for your DMV Services easy. All forms of payment accepted including Crypto.

Can’t pay all of your registration fees up front? We may be able to help and keep you on the road. Come in today to discuss your specific situation.

Leasing, Title, finance, & Auction Companies

ASAP Services is a full service agency that can process any Nevada Title or out of state transfers.   Certain exceptions apply for complex situations or probate/trust titles.   Volume discounts are available for registration services, title, or title and registration services. DMV Services Las Vegas

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Beat the heat with  speedy DMV services for everyone. No Lines & NO Appointment Required. Nevada DMV Services


Title & Registration Services. Moving permits, Custom Plates, Title transfers, Classic Plates, Out of State Transfers, Private Party Purchases.


Sometimes it seems impossible to get a Nevada DMV appointment quickly which is why ASAP Services is here.



 If you are having problems obtaining a Nevada DMV Appointment or being able to access MYDMVNV or any of Nevada DMV locations please give us a call. 



Current Nevada DMV Appointment wait times are 30-60 days out depending on location. 


Visit ASAP Services the #1 Las Vegas DMV Services provider. 


The registrant is not an attorney authorized to practice in this State and is prohibited from providing legal advice or legal representation to any person. 2022


Las Vegas DMV will be closed on New Years Day, New Years Eve,  Christmas and Christmas Eve 

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